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Advent of technology has brought in lots of advantages in the daily life. The most integral part today for any business is computer, and with our Smart Station Thin Client Technology in the core, the benefits derived out of the computing technology is immense and leads to lot of cost saving. Smart Station Thin Client has the following benefits which the users can derive by installing our range of Thin Client solutions in their business environment.

  • Additional Cost Saving: No disk drives (Hard-disks, CDROMs and Floppies) required on Smart station PCs. Also, the memory requirements on PCs are very minimal. This saves at least additional   Rs. 10 to 12000 on each PCs. Also all the moving parts are eliminated giving you much more uptime and performance enhancement

  • Recycle Obsolete or Low-configuration PCs: Minimum Hardware requirements being very low, i.e. P-I with 32MB RAM and Digital Monitor, you can profitably use any obsolete PCs by just installing Smart Station device (PCI) as applicable inside it and with the same ease and performance as a regular P-IV desktop

  • Centralized Control and Management: All User, Network, Resource and Application managements is required to be done only on the central server. This not only reduces unnecessary system administration but also gives you a tighter control over your organizations computing environment and user and access policy implementation

  • Application Sharing: All applications like MS Office, Internet and Email Applications, Oracle, SQL, and engineering design and even ERP systems like SAP/R3 can be run from the diskless Smart Station PCs at the same as that of the server

  • Resource Sharing: All resources available on the network like CDROMs, FDDs, HDDs, Printers, etc can be shared among all the users, if required. These resources could be available on the server or on the diskless Smart Station PCs

  • Virus Protection: Floppies, third party software and Internet are the major sources of virus infection. If the windows 2000 / 2003 server has the proper and updated anti-virus system installed, and all other PCs on your LAN can be Smart Station, the problem of the virus spread is once and for all eliminated within your organization. As all the data is kept on the Server, only the server’s hard disks need to be protected.

  • Zero downtime for clients: Think, when a users' PC (with hard-disk) stops working. The administrator has to arrange for another PC or get that PC fixed, move the hard disk and pray that the data is all intact. This results in an average a day’s loss of productivity. In case of Smart-station PCs if the hardware fails there is zero down time for the user as the Smart Station PC can be easily replaced with another Smart Station PC or the user can simply supply his or her login and password and start working exactly from he or she left

  • No UPS required for SMART STATION PCs: UPS is required only on the server side. Even in the case of a power failure no data corruption or data loss can take place on the Smart Station node as all computing virtually happens on the server only

  • Centralized Data Storage and Backup: Users rarely keep and maintain backup of their crucial data. In case of a data loss of corruption or any such disaster occurring, the importance of backups is acutely felt and realized. In case of Smart-station PCs, since all data is on the server, regular backup need to be taken only from on location
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